Cottages B4-B5

Luxury villa in Batumi


Elite villa in Batumi is a two-storey building (from B4 to B5) in a picturesque area of the city, 5 km from the center, at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level. At the first glance at it, you are enveloped in a feeling of harmony, calmness and comfort. Mountain air, majestic beauty of mountain ranges, excellent ecology and developed infrastructure are the most distinctive features of the location of the house.

Two-storey cottage (from B4 to B5) is located on an elevation near the administrative building. From the front side there is a panoramic view of the picturesque mountains of Adjara. One of the main advantages is the pool on the second floor of open terrace. The perimeter is surrounded by a high wall that hides the privacy of residents from prying eyes.

A checkpoint with a barrier is installed at the entrance to the cottage town. At night, security is on duty in the village, as well as a video surveillance system

The total living area of each cottage B4-B5 for sale is 177.3 sq.


- reinforced concrete monolithic foundation made of a reinforcing cage, poured with concrete mixture;

- concrete thickness 16 см;

- load-bearing monolithic columns.

House parameters

- basement height 2,60 м;

- height of each residential floor 3 м;

- without joists, column-supported.


- pitched roof or sloping roof;

- continuous flooring;

- underlay carpet;

- plastic drainage system.


- plastic windows with energy-saving glass unit and mosquito net;

- entrance door with thermal break;

- overhead garage door.

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Roads and communications laid

Places for recreation and walks are equipped

Equipped barbecue and picnic area

Playgrounds for children and slides



1 floor

On this floor of the cottage, there is a studio kitchen that combines a cooking area, a dining area and a relaxation area. Nearby there is an outdoor terrace with a swimming pool for outdoor recreation. The pool is larger in size than in cottages A1 to A9. The terrace offers panoramic mountain views. A bathroom and a technical room are provided on the floor.

2 floor

This floor contains several spacious bedrooms and bathrooms. The facade is partially made of panoramic windows. Thanks to energy-saving dusting on the windows, the house is kept warm.



The interior of the cottage is as comfortable and cozy as possible: a single style is observed, communications are equipped. The developer company "Genesis Peaks" offers planning, design renovation and arrangement of the cottage according to the individual wishes of the buyer



The facade of the cottage is made in the style of minimalism: simplicity of forms, lines and outlines are as simple and laconic as possible. The highlight of the exterior are panoramic windows and an open terrace overlooking the sea.

Advantages of buying a property by the sea

Buying any property is a safe investment
For several years, the cost of a mansion will increase significantly, which in itself is a profitable investment.
The return on renting real estate will bring from 8% to 10% per year. The average cost of renting such cottages during the season in Adjara is $ 250-300 per day.
The company "Genesis Peaks" offers to buy a cottage with a sea view in installments at favorable terms. More details by phone: +995 558 100 990 (Viber, Whatsapp)

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